Neume was born out of a passion for helping people unlock the beauty within, regain their confidence and live more fulfilled lives. We do this in show more

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Neume was born out of a passion for helping people unlock the beauty within, regain their confidence and live more fulfilled lives.

We do this in a very practical way — making cosmetic, dental and laser eye surgery accessible to ordinary people by offering affordable, safe and secure procedures in Thailand.

Our mission is to help you rejuvenate, rediscover and relax while we take care of the details.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery in Thailand is challenging enough, without having to spend hours booking flights, selecting hospitals, organizing travel insurance, booking hotel rooms, and taking care of all the other essential details of your trip. That’s why you need an experienced medical tourism agent to take the hassle out of your makeover getaway.

Everyone at Neume shares a passion for giving people a relaxed, pleasant experience where they are able to focus solely on relaxing and healing. Some of the benefits of choosing our team include:

    1. Reduce costs, stress and frustration

While Thailand is one of the simplest and safest countries to have plastic surgery done, there are still plenty of things to organise. Neume takes all the hassle and frustration out of arranging your makeover, so you can focus on what’s really important — preparing for cosmetic surgery in Thailand and recovering afterwards!

What’s more, our contacts in the industry allow us to take advantage of cheaper rates than you would be able to secure on your own, which means you actually SAVE even more money!

  1. Draw on our firsthand experience
    Director, Robina Hill and the team at Neume have often visited Thailand, and Robina has personally undergone surgery at Phuket International Hospital.
  2. Local knowledge you can rely on
    Our local knowledge of Phuket means we KNOW where to find affordable luxury accommodation with the support you’ll need during your recovery.
  3. Hospital arrangements made simple
    As a result of our good relationship with the doctors and hospital staff, we have better access to appointments, we know what tests and complementary procedures need to be booked (for example X-rays, blood tests, etc) and can arrange these and assist you in getting to the right place at the right time. When you undergo plastic surgery in Thailand, we will make it easy.
  4. Get the best rates at luxury resorts designed to help you recover
    We also know which resorts are closest to the hospital and best suited to assist you during your cosmetic surgery recovery. We are also frequently able to secure special rates at these hotels for our clients.
  5. Feel pampered and special
    When you trust us to arrange your Thailand cosmetic surgery holiday, you’re confident that you’ll feel pampered and special from the moment you arrive until the time you depart to start your new life.
  6. Get advice on any medical and cultural issues
    As experienced agents we are able to translate medical jargon into plain English for you and help you bridge time and cultural differences. We’ll be there to offer all the advice and support you need before, during and after your Thailand plastic surgery.

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