Beautiful Escapes

Beautiful Escapes we take your choice for Cosmetic Surgery, Eyesight Surgery & Dentistry seriously.

 Beautiful Escapes is the first New Zealand owned and operated agency organizing Medical Tourism abroad.

With years of first-hand experience we have developed strong relationships with the Surgeons, Hospitals and Clinics  with whom we have chosen to be partnered with. There are many choices so we continually research and monitor the choices and have chosen to be partnered with whom we feel provide the best service for our New Zealand Clients.

We have been invited by and chosen to be partnered with:

  • Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Thailand
  • Beverly Wilshire Medica Centre, Kuala Lumpur
  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Thailand
  • The Bangkok Smile Dental in both Bangkok and Phuket,  Thailand.

At Beautiful Escapes we take your choice for Cosmetic Surgery, Eyesight Surgery & Dentistry seriously.

No longer is Cosmetic surgery the domain of the 'rich and famous'.  Through established relationships with World Class suppliers of Medical Procedures and Travel Services, Beautiful Escapes can offer you competitively priced package deals ... allowing You to Be who You want to Be

With 4 years research and another 6 years of travelling to and sending clients to Thailand, we understand how things work abroad and have direct access to the surgeons and hospital teams so we can ensure your appointments and bookings are secured promptly and confidentially. If you are considering embarking on a major, possibly life-changing journey,our dedicated attention to you is provided at all stages of your travel and surgery.  We provide all the arrangements and services so you don't have to do anything : We offer pre-surgery advice from our surgeons, flights, transfers, accommodation, representation at the hospital and follow-up when you return to New Zealand.

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